2.5 GbE network on Linux

After Tom Fenton detailed the use of 2.5 GbE network cards in his home lab on Windows 10, he does the same on Linux.

In aa before items I’ve discussed using 2.5GbE network cards in my home lab. In this article I used the network cards on Windows 10 systems. In this article I will be using the network cards on the same systems but with Linux installed. I will first give a brief overview of why I am interested in 2.5 GbE networks, discuss my test systems, test network performance between a Linux and Windows 10 system, as well as between two Linux systems, and then give you my final thoughts to give 2.5 GbE network on Linux systems.

There are a few factors that got me interested in using 2.5 GbE networks in my home lab. Intel is releasing a network card to support this, wireless network speeds, and the availability of routers that support multi-gigabit networks.


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