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Little Rock Police are investigating the theft of more than a dozen guns and 450 rounds of ammunition at around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds.

RK Shows hosted a gun display at the State Fairgrounds Hall of Industry over the weekend, featuring commercial break-ins and theft of property.

The guard on duty informed the police that the back door of the building was open and the chain on the inside of the door was broken. This emerges from an incident report released Tuesday by the Little Rock Police Department.

Based on surveillance cameras, the security guard’s supervisor described the suspect as a black man wearing a camouflage jacket, black hat, and white shoes. The suspect was featured in the footage going to the stalls at the back of the building and appeared to be wrapping a gun in a sheet of white, according to the report.

Officers saw a rifle and rifle parts scattered on the floor in the building and discovered two …

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