If you’re still not sure what to look for, check out our guides on the best soundbars and the Roku that’s right for you.

Roku Streaming Stick + for $ 39 ($ 10 off) on Amazon, aim:: That retail price is pretty common for the Streaming Stick, but it’s still the best price to grab it. It’s our pick for most of the people looking for a new streaming device. It plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port, and a second cable plugs into the USB port for power. There is longer range dual band WiFi that can connect to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. This is especially useful for apartment residents where the many WiFi networks nearby can interfere with your signal.

Roku Streambar for $ 99 ($ ​​30 off) on Amazon, aim:: The Streambar is a very powerful mini soundbar with an integrated Roku. It’s pretty compact at only 14 inches in length, so it should fit most people’s TVs.

Roku Ultra for $ 69 ($ 31 off) on Amazon, aim:: The updated Ultra is more expensive than most options besides the …


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