The stories are out there: the smart employees who move forward in their own way instead of getting ahead.

CISOs know them too. One remembers a brilliant coworker who liked to remind others how smart she was and how much more money she made than she made. Another remembers a talented employee who did exactly what was required but nothing more. Neither made it very far as their bosses finally got fed up with their morals and decided to let them go.

These are just two of the many ways you can end your career, say CISOs, career coaches, and business consultants. Some actions, like illegally accessing computer systems, are obviously criminal offenses, while numerous others simply stop upward mobility.

If you’re skipping the downright unethical and illegal behaviors (which professionals should already know they shouldn’t), here are 12 common traits security guides say are preventing you from advancing your cybersecurity career – and how to avoid them can …

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