Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 11 is now official. Announced by Panos Panay at the Microsoft event on June 24th, Windows 11 comes with a new user interface, a redesigned Windows Store, and improvements in performance and multitasking. You will soon be able to install Windows 11 on your PCs / Laptops / Tabs, but you need to check that your device supports it first. But before you do – here are 11 things you should know about the new Windows 11.

1. Windows 11 comes with a new Start menu and an updated Start button, both right in the middle of your taskbar. The Windows 11 user interface is similar to the Windows 10X user interface.

2. There are live tiles that you can use to go straight back to the apps you were working on. This was originally introduced with Windows 8 and works like the launcher on Chrome OS / Android. Much of this is also influenced by macOS. Don’t miss the rounded corners.

3. Of course there are light and dark modes under Windows 11 and the whole thing looks very reassuring.

4. Say hello to snap layouts. Microsoft’s Snap layouts on Windows 11 allow you to quickly snap apps into the various modes that the operating system supports. There’s also a Snap Group layout to help you remember where your apps are stored. This is useful when you use multiple devices, such as B. a laptop connected to a monitor, or multiple displays.

5. Windows 11 offers a lot of performance. Microsoft said that updates on Windows 11 are 40% smaller and more efficient because they happen in the background.

6. Microsoft Teams is integrated right into Windows 11 for commercial users and normal consumers. You can access Microsoft Teams right from the taskbar.

7. Windows 11 includes the Windows widgets and touch gestures that give you personalized, AI-powered feeds. Windows Widgets also includes a news feed, weather, and maps. There is an option to tip local creators in Windows 11.

8. Gestures that you use on tablets and touch targets are updated with Windows 11. You can do more with the touch and the pens.

9. Ink and voice input are also improved on Windows 11. Windows 11 supports haptic feedback for certain pens. You can also customize your keyboards with GIFs to make them look more like the keyboard on your smartphone.

10. Auto HDR comes to your devices with Windows 11 to make your games look SO much better. Of course, you need a monitor that supports this. Xbox Game Pass also integrates with Windows 11 through the Xbox app. This also includes xCloud integration so that you can stream games from the Microsoft cloud.

11. Last but not least, Android apps come to Windows! The Microsoft Store is also being redesigned to support apps that were not previously available in the Windows App Store, including apps from the Adobe Creative Suite and popular apps like Instagram and TikTok. Developers can also use their own commerce engines in the store, and Microsoft won’t cut it (Apple and Google are currently calling emergency sessions, let’s assume).

There’s no release date for Windows 11 yet, but speculation suggests that it should come out sometime in October along with new hardware with the new operating system. So far we only know that Microsoft has promised to make it available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. – Hindustan Times (New Delhi) / Tribune News Service

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