Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO last July. Amazon veteran Andy Jassy is now the captain. It’s time to get acquainted with him.

How old is he?

Jassi is 53.

Where does he come from?

He grew up in Scarsdale, an affluent suburb of New York City. His father was a corporate attorney with Dewey Ballantine; his mother was a trustee for a youth theater program. His older sister, Kathy Savitt, once worked at Amazon and is now President and Chief Commercial Officer of Boom Supersonic, an aviation startup.

Where did he go to school?

After graduating from Scarsdale Public High School, where he played college soccer and tennis, he went to Harvard, where he studied political science and worked as an advertising manager for the Harvard Crimson. He also received an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS).

What was his first job?

Amazon! At least that was his first after business school. “I took my last final exam at the HBS [on] on the first Friday in May 1997, and the next Monday I started on Amazon. No I have not…

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