10 best practices and tactics


    It’s not hard to convince business leaders that a data breach can cause tremendous pain. Lost proprietary knowledge, reputational damage, and remediation costs can add up to devastating, if not catastrophic, consequences.

    The IBM-sponsored 2021 Ponemon Institute “Cost of a Data Breach” report estimates that a single data breach costs an average of $4.24 million. However, from a business continuity perspective, the actual impact is often far greater.

    In short, the risks associated with a data breach are almost incalculable. Not every organization can survive the financial, legal and reputational consequences of a material breach.

    As a result, business and IT leaders are looking for ways to prevent these attacks in the first place.

    Building a data breach prevention strategy

    Because data breaches occur for many reasons, it’s important to use multiple technologies and processes to mitigate them. Below are 10 key best practices to prevent data breaches.

    Editor’s note: During the incident…


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