As smartphone cameras got better over the years, more and more people are taking more photos and uploading them to the internet. However, this doesn’t mean that every photo is perfect. Sometimes a random person in the background ruins a shot, or maybe the sun has thrown the contrast or the shadows off balance. Many years ago this would have been a big problem for anyone new to Photoshop, but those days are over.

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While users have to pay for many photo editing apps, there are certainly free alternatives that do their job just as well and give Photoshop newbies more than the sufficient number of features they need to make their photos stand out on social media. When the users have finished downloading the best games in the Mac App StoreThey have a variety of photo editing apps to immerse themselves in.

10 PicsArt

While Picsart may not have as many features as many other editing apps, that is not the main purpose of the app. If users simply want to spice up the latest Instagram post with some stickers and themes, PicsArt might be the one that is available on both iPhone and Android.

It’s easy to write over the picture and add text and add star trails and rainbow patterns, among other things. This app is more about adding stickers and other custom elements over photos than changing certain features of the photos.

9 Focos

Both iPhone and Android users with a mobile camera that doesn’t allow portrait mode are in luck with Focos. With Focos, users can turn any photo they want into a portrait shot by touching an area to focus and blur the background.

Some iPhone cameras have this feature built into the camera’s software, but for those who may have an older phone, Focos is a great alternative. As with many mobile photo editing apps, it’s a free version as well as an option to pay for additional features, but the basic level is all you need. Portrait mode is used by a wide variety of photographers from dining to travel and is now available in the pockets of pretty much anyone with the App Store.

8th SnapSeed

If iPhone and Android users are looking for a simple photo editor that mainly uses sliders for practically everything, SnapSeed is the place for you. While there isn’t the largest collection of filters, there are some unique ones.

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SnapSeed also has a unique brush that allows users to manipulate the exposure, highlights, or contrast in any area where the brush is used.

7th layout

Every Instagram user has at least one collage photo posted on their profile, and Layout helps with that. Just open the app, select the photos you want to add to the layout, and the app will split the photos onto the canvas.

A disadvantage of layout is that only a square canvas is allowed. People who want to take full advantage of Instagram’s maximum dimensions (1080 x 1750) will need to use another app to get the full size image. That being said, users can edit the edges within the canvas to make an image more or less stand out, while at the same time zooming and cropping the photos within the segments. The layout is available in both the Apple App Store and the Android App Store.

6th airbrush

As the name suggests, this app is less about changing saturation, shadows, etc., and more about the airbrush tool that is included in most desktop photo editing apps. Other features include changing hair color.

Another feature of the app is the ability to distort facial features like face shape, forehead, and skin color. While it can be used as a joke with some friends, there are certainly both iPhone and Android users out there who find these features useful.

5 Overlay

Superimpose is another app that is available on both Apple and Android platforms and has a variety of features that will make it a dream for any photo editor. Granted, the ability to edit shadows, contrasts, blacks and whites, etc. is something missing, but the app allows users to make a huge number of changes between the foreground and background.

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If users need to know the exact pixel size of the photo they are editing, this will also be shown when the photo is cropped, a feature that is missing in many editing apps these days. Overlays can also be used to add shadows and hide unwanted areas from photos. While it takes a few days to get used to the UI, there are so many options once users get to grips with it.

4th VSCO

VSCO app

VSCO does offer a paid premium version, but fear not, the free version probably does 99% of the requirements for a quick and easy, but also high quality photo editing app on Apple and Android phones. The paid version allows users to edit videos and add filters. However, if only photos need to be edited, VSCO is a good choice.

VSCO has great filter options and even in the more detailed edit menu, users can bring contrast, clarity, white balance and skin tone to a very high standard, among other things.

3 photos

One app that iPhone users may overlook when editing apps is the Standard Photos app that comes with every iPhone. While the older versions of this app weren’t known for their editing quality, the latest versions have improved the quality to keep up with Apple’s high quality cameras.

With portrait mode, loads of nice-looking filters like Dramatic, and more detailed editing options like brilliance, black point, and vignette, there is real potential to create photos as long as users stay away from the auto-edit option. Be it landscape, food photography or portraits, they look extraordinary.

2 Light space

Lightroom app

The legendary Lightroom from Adobe is available on all mobile devices. If users have an Adobe account, they can sign in and use their preferences to edit photos they take on their phone. That is, anyone with an account cannot take a photo on their phone, edit it with a preset, and instantly upload it to any social media.

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As with all mobile versions of Adobe programs, the user interface isn’t as easy to use as the desktop version, but the Lightroom app offers a lot of options for editing photos. Though Lightroom went through a difficult situation late last yearIt still remains one of the best in its class.

1 PhotoShop Express

Photoshop mobile app

Lightroom isn’t the only Adobe app to make its way on iPhone and Android. Adobe Photoshop Express has many options and filters that any medium-sized photo editor can dream of. Photoshop Express has hundreds of filters in its library, and users can also use many of Photoshop’s classic features as well.

With red eyes, bug fixing, lens flare, adding text, preset cropping shapes, and the ability to lay out photos in a collage and edit border sizes and colors, and add shadows, the Photoshop app can do very little. Although there are some great Photoshop alternatives out there, why not use the original for free?

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